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Introduction of Nirai Internet Service

Nirai is CATV internet connection service. We offer the greatest feature to use the CATV broadband circuit for the Internet access without occupying a telephone line. The words of 'NIRAI' came out of an initial words of 'New Infrastructure for Rapid Access to Internet'.

What is the merit of using a CATV internet circuit ?

The greatest merit of CATV service is 24 hours internet connection. In the case of a telephone line, Charges are added and became huge amount sometimes. But we fix monthly fee including the provider charge and the access charge. So you don't need worry about extra charges.

What are the contents of NIRAI services ?

Homepage access, an E-mailare available. Moreover, Homepage space is offered. Global IP connection also available.

Can everyone join the NIRAI internet service ?

Customer who lives in service area of Okinawa Cable Network where Naha city,Urasoe city,Ginowan city,Tomishiro city,haebaru town,Nishihara town and Chatan town.

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