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Cannot access internet

Nirai makes sure that your computer can be connected by conducting a connection test in the User's environment during installation of the modem. If by chance access conditions change or fail, please check the items in the table below.

  1. Restart the Cable Modem
  2. Unplug the AC adapter, and make sure that all the LED light turned off. then plug the AC adapter again. If you use a router or hub, you should also restart them too.

  3. After the initial working of cable modem (about 30 seconds), check the LED light as below.
  4. LED statusCheck list
    OFFIt may be broken. Please call us.
    Please make the RF cable screw tighten at the back side of cable modem. If LED light is still off or blinking, it may be broken. Please call us.
    OFF1, Check the LAN cable connected correctly.
    2, Check the NIC working correctly.
    3, Check the TCP/IP configuration setup correctly.

  5. Stop antivirus software
  6. If you install antivirus software in your PC, stop them, and try to access internet again.

Communication speed is slow

It is difficult to determine the exact cause of slow Internet access speed because there are a variety of intricate elements involved. So try the following items. And if the speed is still slow, Please call us.

  1. Restart the Cable Modem
  2. Unplug the AC adapter, and make sure that all the LED light turned off. then plug the AC adapter again.

  3. Stop the antivirus software if you installed.
  4. Connect PC and cable modem directly
  5. If you use a router or hub, you should remove them and connect PC and cable modem directly with the LAN cable to measur the speed correctly.

    Go to Nirai Speedtest

Want to connect another computer

If you want to add another computer, you should prepare for Hub (or Broadband router) by yourself. We classify the number of connection terminals by the service plan. so please check your joined plan, and change it if you need.

Go to Price and Plan

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How to set up E-mail Software

Please refer to here, and set up E-mail software. When you set up E-mail software, you need your E-mail account name (login name), and password, explained in the User's Account Notice which is handed over to you at the installation of the cable modem.

*The Account Notice is needed to change computers, E-mail software, as well as to upload your homepage, so please store it carefully.

Cannot Send or Receive E-mail

If you cannot send or receive E-mail, please refer to here, and maks sure that all the settings are correct. If the problem still exists, please try :

  1. Make sure that homepage appears properly. If the homepage does not appear, the connenction is not in proper condition. Please check here.
  2. If you install antivirus software in your PC, make it stop and restart the E-mail software, then try to send or receive again.
  3. Reloading the E-mail software.
  4. Upgrading E-mail software
  5. Using different E-mail software.
Want to send and receive Nirai E-mail from another ISP line

You can send and receive Nirai E-mail from outside by using SMTP-AUTH and SSL. E-mail transmission and reception can be more safely and secure. Please refer to here, and set up E-mail settings.

Add an E-mail account

You can add (or change or delete) E-mail address by yourself in Nirai Portal.

Go to Nirai Portal

Lost the Account Notice

The Account Notice is very important for Users. It is needed to set up the E-mail software and to create your own Homepage. We have no responsibility if the information contained in your Account Notice is stolen, resulting in the privacy of your E-mail communications being violated. Please store your Account Notice carefully .

If you lose your Account Notice, you should reissue it by visiting our office or by post mail. Go to here for more details.

User Homepage Service

How to use

Nirai provides 10MB disc space to set up your Personal Homepage (except subscribers of Economy and Personal course). You can open it by yourself.

Go to Nirai portal.

Cannot upload your file
  1. Make sure that you are uploading files using a computer connected via Nirai Cable Modem.
  2. Please note that it is prohibited to upload the file via other Internet providers due to security reasons.

  3. Make sure that the setting of ftp software is correct. Go to here for details
Adding Homepage disk space

You can add disc space by yourself in Nirai Portal. Note that there is a charge for additional homepage disk space.

Go to Nirai Portal

About CGI and SSI

CGI and SSI increase the homepage's power of expression and improve its function, but can adversely effect the server's security and balance. With the exception of rental server traders whose selling point is to provide CGI and SSI service, most Internet providers do not offer CGI and SSI service functions because their priority is to provide safe and stable service. Nirai shares this policy. We provide functions created by us for those services which cannot be performed without using CGI and SSI. Currently Nirai only provides only the Access Counter function. Please understand that decision has not yet been made as to which functions will be provided in the future.

Other applications

Available Software

The Internet software that can be used in Nirai Personal, Economy, Premium, Platinum120 Plans includes the browser software such as Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator, E-mail software such as Outlook Express and Netscape Messenger (includes News Reader), and FTP Client (such as FFFTP and Fetch). As a rule, other Internet programs that can be used only if the other party has the same software, in particular Network Game and Network Conference software, cannot be used in Nirai. This is due to the presence of a firewall. For more information about the firewall, please refer to information below. With regards to the Nirai Platinum120 global and Business Plans, all Internet applications can be used.

Necessity of a Firewall

The following is a general overview of the firewall system. Originally the Internet was developed by an organization for its own use, without concern for security and quality. The system is essentially the same, but now the Internet is available to people all over the world. Unfortunately there are those people and organizations with Internet access bearing ill will towards others. Therefore, in order to protect yourself from outside attacks , it is necessary to separate the Internet system from the Nirai network. In the case of most dial-up connections, there is little chance of being attacked because the connection to the Internet exists only when the User is online. The first defensive step, and the most effective one, is to set up a firewall between the Internet and the network that needs protection from possible attacks from the outside. (Needless to say it is necessary for everyone to take precautions to protect themselves on the Internet, just as in real life. For example, avoid the excessive downloading of materials, and do not provide personal information or credit card numbers to pages lacking proper security.) Unfortunately one drawback of the firewall is that game software which uses a network cannot be used because the firewall restricts access from the Internet system. However , please understand that a firewall is an indispensable part of measures aimed at maintaining User safety.

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