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Introduction of Cable television service

Our cable television service provides various programs through the ground wave, CS and BS broadcasting by a coaxial cable and an optical fiber cable .

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What kind of programs can we watch ?

You can watch the latest Hollywood movie, classic movie, American sports, MLB, NFL, NBA, music programs MTV, CNN news and so on.

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What is the merit of using cable television ?

Because of cable television, we can reduce electric waves disorder such as double image or blink. So you can see stable television transmission. and you do not need to set up antenna, so you do not worry about typhoons that may break it.

Can everyone join the cable television service ?

Customer who lives in service area of Okinawa Cable Network where Naha city,Urasoe city,Ginowan city,Tomishiro city,haebaru town,Nishihara town and Chatan town.

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