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Price and Plan

Service Course

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Digital Prime Course
4,968yen(tax included) / month

*Additional STB 3,024yen(tax included)/month

Digital Popular Course
4,428yen(tax included) / month

*Additional STB 2,700yen(tax included)/month

Digital Mini Course
2,052yen(tax included) / month

*Additional STB 2,052yen(tax included)/month

Initial Cost

Sign-up Fee10,800yen(tax included)
Installation FeeCost Price

ex1:To a house or an apartment (up to 5th floor), it costs 27,000yen(tax included).
ex2: Extra STB or HT installation, it costs 10,800yen(tax included)
ex3:To an apartment that is already equiped with our cable, it costs 5,400yen(tax included).

Price list

Extra TV guide paper200yen(tax included)
C-CAS Card reissue2,160yen(tax included)
B-CAS Card reissue2,214yen(tax included)

*C-CAS and B-CAS card are IC card that controll STB.

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